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Organizing dinners and other festivities by the mine is an old tradition, which is still maintained today. Why not gather your co-workers, friends and family for an unforgettable event at Sala Silvergruva. Maybe a soup lunch 55 meters under ground or an after work in our 16th century environment at Gruvbygården will suit you?

Book in connection with your conference or as an independent happening.

all events

2 hours

The Blacksmith’s Soup Lunch (in the mine)

The blacksmith Lukas invites you for an unforgettable meal underground. On your journey down to the big mountain hall, at a depth of 55 meters, you will be taking part in the fascinating story of the mine.
2,5-3 hours

Elin Näbbegäddas tavern -afterwork in Gruvbygården

Elin Näbbegädda welcomes you and your servants to her tavern. She offers snacks and drinks and if you want, you can buy entertainment in the form of song and music or why not a fire show?
1 hour

The mining bailiff’s walk

A guided tour above ground. There is as much to see above ground as it is underneath it here in Sala Silvergruva. On this daylight walk, you get to follow along through the fascinating history of the mine and the surrounding area.
2-3 hours

The master of the mine – penta- or decathlon on the mining site

Mining has always been complicated and required both muscle power and intelligence. Do you have what it takes to be the master of the mine?
3 hours

Feast – Dinner in a 16th century mining village

The enterprising woman Margit welcomes you for a feast in her cozy log cabin. Together with the servant Mickel, a fun-loving man in his prime years, she takes care of you. A tasty three-course dinner is offered. In honor of the day, they bring out the finest they have in the form of ceramics and even precious glass from the continent. A fire crackles in the fireplace and the cottage is illuminated by flaming candles.
2 hours

The Lady of the mine´s mingel – mining tour with a silverlining

According to the tale, the Lady of the mine, the most powerful mountain spirit of all, throws festivities in the mine every now and then. She offers drinks in beautifully silver cups and tasty snacks.