All Conference Packages

All Conference Packages

Are you looking for a different experience for your company’s next conference or excursion? We offer everything from interesting mine tours, historic meeting rooms and relaxing environments.

all conference packages

24 hour

Bergmästarens conference

This is our largest package deal for conferences, named after the master of the mine, executive chief, reporting directly to the crown.
4 hour

The miners meeting 

The miners meeting is our smallest package deal, perfect for you those in need of making fast decisions and getting things done. A homemade meal and a historical meeting room before or after lunch is included.
8 hour

Gruvstigarens conference

Full day conference above ground. If you want to have undisturbed, productive meetings in an inspired setting this is a great option for you. We will make sure that you have everything you need and a service wothy a Gruvstigare, the foreman of the mine.

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