Experience the mine

A historic treasury

Not far from the border to Dalarna, in northern Västmanland, you’ll find Sala and Sala Silvermine. Where route 56 (from Västerås) meets route 70 (from Avesta & Dalarna or Uppsala and Enköping), at the roundabout by rest stop Evelund, follow the signs towards Sala Silvermine. Welcome! 



We offer you a couple of different opportunities to experience Sala Silvermine. You can either go down in the mine on a guided tour down to the 60-meter lever or if you want to fully experience the mine, The big mine tour is the clear choice. Welcome to Sala Silvermine! 

3 H

The great mine tour – Makalös special

Experience Sala Silvergruva through The great mine tour – Makalös special. A new edition, as of the summer of 2023. The tour takes you on an exciting journey in the mine, beyond the usual path of the guided tours, all the way down to a depth of 60 meters.
75 min

Private tour (60 m)

An exclusive experience at a depth of 60 meters. For you and your private party. The price is 3250 SEK for 1 to 10 participants. If you add more participants the ticket price is per person.
3 timmar

Dolda rum

Nu har du chansen att följa med två specialutbildade guider på en mycket spännande och exklusiv tur som delvis rör sig utanför den ordinarie visningsleden.
1-2 hours

Experience the mine on your own

Take part of a tour down into the mountain where the journey goes through sooty and sloping passages, past deep shafts and majestic rock rooms. Your guide will lead you down into the mine via winding stairs. Along the way, you stop at well-chosen places and learn more about Sala Silvergruva’s rich and exciting history. The tour is about kings and queens, skilled miners and hard-working labourers, who with simple tools broke away the rock piece by piece in search of glittering silver ore.

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